Fun Games for a Rainy Day

Rainy days are often accompanied by the claim, "Mom I'm bored." No matter how many toys or electronic devices they have, sooner or later the kids are going to want something new to do. Parents can often be at a loss to find something that will hold their interest. Here are 4 ideas that are easy to do, need only items commonly found around the house and will keep the kids entertained for hours at a time. They are also a great way to boost your kids creative thinking as they create their own rules to change the games.

Musical Games

This is a variation of musical chairs and doesn't require as much room to play. Place one toy for each person in the center of a rug in an open room. Each person will circle the rug while the music plays. Once the music stops each person must grab a toy. Remove one toy for the second round. The person who doesn't get a toy is out. Continue until there is only one player left.

Another version is to play music while the kids dance around. When the music stops everyone must freeze in place exactly as they are standing. If you move, you are out.

A third version isn't exactly a game, but it can be used to motivate kids to help clean up the play room. Each child starts at opposite ends of the room and wait for the music. While the music plays they must pick up and put away as many thing as they can, working toward the other side of the room. When the music stops they must freeze in place. Once the music starts they begin cleaning again. The key is to not keep the music going to long so they have several stops while they are cleaning. The combination of the music and the 'competition' really gets them motivated to participate.

Crossing the Marsh

This game can be played with only a few people or many. You will need some newspaper for each participant. You will need a large open space such as a hallway or living room. Mark out a starting line and a finish line. Give each player two pieces of newspaper and tell them they must get from the starting line to the finish line without touching the ground. The newspaper represents the 'safe' ground. They will need to place one piece of paper on the ground, stand on it and place the next piece of paper on the ground. Once they have moved to the second piece of paper they will have to pick up the first piece and move it so they can stand on it. Once everyone has done this a couple of times it is time to make it a bit harder.

Now everyone needs to divide into pairs. Each group must do the same thing, but they only have two pieces of newspaper. They can follow the same process, but both will have to fit onto the single piece of newspaper. Make it even more challenging by cutting the newspaper in half to make it smaller and more difficult to stand on. Another variation requires that they leave a trail of newspapers behind them so they must tear a piece off that is large enough to stand on and continue to move to the finish line.

This can be even more fun if you have enough people to make teams of three or more. Then each team has one less piece of newspaper than there are people in the group. For example a team of 4 would only have three pieces of paper. Have races to see who is the fastest to get across the marsh.

Hide and Seek for Stuffed Animals

This is a modification of the standard, "FInd the Button" game many adults remember playing. Young children may have a hard time finding such a small object so this modified game uses a stuffed animal instead. You will need one or more small stuffed animals and a timer to play this game.

One person hides the stuffed animal(s) in a designated room. They can be hidden under, behind and even inside items. Make sure you know how many stuffed animals are being hidden and what they are so there is no arguing about what was found. Once the animals are hidden the timer is set for 5 minutes and the rest of the family looks for the stuffed animals. This is particularly fun when played in a room where many random stuffed animals are usually laying on the floor and you have to find the specific stuffed animals being used for this game. The trick is to remember which stuffed animals are the ones you are looking for. The person who finds the most gets to hide them the next round.

If you want to make it easier you can have the person who hides say warmer and colder to give hints or expand the areas where the animals can be hidden. This is particularly fun if you have older children who find it hard to hide themselves when playing a standard game of hide and seek.

Balloon Volley Ball

Kids love playing with balloons and this game is one they can play for hours. You will need one or more round balloons, a variety of colors is best, and a timer.

Choose a room that is open, such as a living room or play room. This game can also be played around a table, though the table should be cleared of everything first. Everyone sits in a large circle. The object is to keep a balloon in the air for a specific amount of time. Start with three minutes. To make the game harder add another balloon for each additional round until you have one balloon for each participant to keep in the air.

If this seems too easy then once everyone has a balloon make the circle smaller. Remember everyone should be sitting. Keep making the circle smaller until everyone's knees are touching. Keep track of how many times the balloon touches the ground before the timer rings.

Enjoy the fun and smiles of spending some time playing this simple game with your kids.

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Fun Games - Playtime is Essential For Child Development

Every kind of play is a learning opportunity for child development. Playing fun games is one tool parents can use for child development and the absence of play can be an obstacle to the development of healthy and creative children.

Child development refers to how a child becomes able to do more complex things as they get older. When we talk about normal development, we are talking about developing skills like:

o Fine and Gross motor skills
o Cognitive development - decision making
o Creative growth - imagination, curiosity
o Social development - communication, self-control, self-esteem, self-confidence
o Emotional growth - the ability to deal with, manage, express and control their emotional states, including anger, sadness, excitement, anxiety and joy

At the end of the 20th century, scientists have discovered that our brain never stops growing and this astounding discovery has dispelled the belief that we are born with only so many brain cells and cannot be reproduced anymore and if these cells are not stimulated, they will be lost forever. Now it is official that our brain DOES NOT STOP reproducing new cells or neurons and the secret is to stimulate the existing and new brain cells to prevent them from dying off.

How does playing with children stimulate their brain?

  1. Brain growth in terms of the number of brain cells, the number of permanent neurological connections critical for learning and how these connections are wired are positively stimulated when the parents provide an enriched environment where they allow the kids to explore, play, have fun and develop deep bonding with them.
  2. Parents are unconsciously providing a conducive and loving environment when they are playing fun games with their children, where they "receive" signals or messages that they are loved, important and fun to be around which in turn develops their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Why playing during the children early years are essential for brain development?

Connectivity among brain cells are important for brain development for the fact that the neural pathways developed during the early years carry signals and allows one to process information throughout their lives. Timing is very crucial as even though learning is a life-long process, there are windows of opportunity where the brain is at its peak at creating neural pathways that facilitate specific types of learning. We have noticed a child below 10 years old is very adept at learning language but after about age 10, this aptitude for language development starts to diminish. During these early years, the children brains are like sponges and when parents program fun games as part of their children daily activities, are stimulating their brain cells, causing neural connections which are vital for strong memory and thinking skills.

How parents can help in child development?

Parents can help by playing simple activities and games with their children:-

  1. Finger-play and singing games like "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians" encourage children to learn rhythm, counting and eye-hand coordination.
  2. Playing stimulating activities and games, such as, puzzles and word problems. Puzzles are fun games which help children with abstract thinking skills, visualizing space and how shapes fit together.
  3. Pretend play, children love to pretend they are heroes, parents, or other adults doing "grown-up" things, improving their language and creative skills.
  4. Building blocks teach many math concepts and skills such as counting, length, height and patterns.
  5. Play-dough and clay give children of all ages, opportunities to explore changes in form as they mold the substance.
  6. Play board games, start a game of hide and seek, playing outdoors, read their favorite story books, work on crafts or hobbies, listening and dancing to music are some fun games parents can play with their children.
The activities and games parents can play with their children are endless. If parents are running out of ideas or would like to learn more on how to play with their child for their development, parents can try the "Mind Power Series" which is a set of 3 e-books having more than 360 fun games emphasizing on thinking skills to help children think and learn the fun and creative way and the most unique feature of this Series is that parents are guided with short, practical tips on how to get the best out of these games for child development.

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Summer Fun For Kids - 5 Skills You Can Learn Together

If you are looking for fun things to do with your kids this summer, why not teach them a new skill? Here is a list of skills that we have learned together that have been fun for all of us.

1. Learn how to play the guitar: We started with a cheap electric guitar because we loved playing Rock Bank so much. We learned that playing a real guitar is nothing like Rock Band, but just as fun. We grabbed some beginner guitar books at our local music store, learned the basic notes and how to tune our guitar. Everyone loved it so much that we decided to purchase a nicer acoustic guitar because all of us wanted to play at the same time. The kids actually like the electric guitar better because it is easier to hold and easier to play. Now all we needed was practice and consistency. We are still playing and getting better everyday.
2. Learn how to play chess: My husband taught us all how to play this fun game of strategy. We knew it would be a lifetime thing that we would never grow tired of. First, we needed to learn the rules, strategies, and maneuvers. Then, we found a used chess table that we set up permanently in the living room. It is amazing how often the kids sit down and play. My kids always ask me, usually when working on homework, when it is that a person uses math in real life, anyway? I tell them that chess players are ranked up there with the worlds rocket scientists, because the game itself involves math, strategy, and some serious thinking. See, math IS fun! Chess is a good example of that. Now, go learn how to play! In doing research, I learned that chess is so good for us. It develops our memory, improves concentration, teaches us to look both ways before crossing the street, develops logical thinking, promotes creativity, imagination, and much more. The best part for us is that it is fun. It is better than other board games because it is never the same, and most importantly, it never gets boring.
3. Learn how to roller skate: We actually took some classes at our local roller rink when the children were around 6 years old. They have loved roller skating ever since. Since we like 50's music, hula-hooping, and bubblegum at our house, this skill was the perfect fit for us. Try it and you might like it!
4. Do some gardening: The first thing the children learned how to do was to plant sun-flowers. This was an easy starter project and the results were fantastic! We have moved on to other kinds of flowers and a vegetable garden, as well. For us, gardening has captured the kids' interest and has taught them nurturing skills. They definitely get an introduction to healthy foods, and of course a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
5. Do a little sewing: After teaching myself to knit, I taught my kids. Now, we enjoy knitting together on cold nights in front of the fireplace, especially. We have worked on easy cross-stitch projects as well as crafts. My mom even taught us how to make a rag doll out of an old sock! We enjoy quilting, too. Each of my daughters has been working on a baby quilt for their hope chest.

Find just the right skill for you and your family to enjoy this summer! Then, see how great it is to have the television and the video games turned off and the creativity and imagination turned on!

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Have Fun With Free Online Fun Games

People seek entertainment in many ways; however, some of these methods are very expensive. It has therefore become everybody's concern to find better sources of entertainment. This is important because there are so many financial hardships and people cannot afford to spend their hard-earned money on entertainment only. The good thing is that you can now have fun without spending any money. This can be achieved by playing the numerous free fun games that are available online. All you need to have is a functioning personal computer. What's more, they come in a variety of types from which you can choose the ones that best suite your gaming requirements. However, due to increase in the number of these online pastime sports, you will have to have prior knowledge of each of them so that you can be able to choose the ones that are more interesting and funny.

Types Of Online Fun Games

As the online community continues to grow, games that are more complicated also continue to emerge. This is advantageous on one hand and problematic on the other. This is because, as much as having a variety of exciting options to choose from feels great, understanding how to play each of them can be quiet daunting. It is therefore important for you to take your time to learn about the various gaming sessions available online so that when you are choosing the ones to play, you can make an informed choice. This passage seeks to provide you with several types of online fun games that you can participate in whenever you are looking for entertainment. The good thing with playing online is that it is convenient and comes in a wide variety. It goes without saying that it also helps you to save money that you could have otherwise spent purchasing the materials need to play such as tables, pieces, and the like.

The following are some of the common types of online fun games:

* Emperor Revenge: This involves defending the emperor title. You are supposed to take on all the guards and enemies. It is a fun-filled shooter game that every online player should consider having on his or her PCs. By playing it regularly, you will be able to greatly improve your shooting skills. It is also ideal for kids because it brings closer the shooting experience that they normally get from the action movies.

* Kingdom rush: This is also a defense game. Players are required to do everything they can to ensure that the tower is not destroyed by the evil wizards, orcs, and other trolls.

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Fun Games

Galaxy Jumper - This psychedelic gem puts you in the anti-gravitational shoes of a space-faring traveler who must avoid asteroids, devious aliens and the scorching heat of a thousand suns in order to make his way across the galaxy. Galaxy Jumper's retro art-style and delightfully chill soundtrack are absolutely magnetic, immediately sucking you into this unique puzzle game that requires that you bounce around all manner of planet, satellite, asteroid and even stars themselves collecting coins and keys that unlock your way to the next sector.

The various stellar puzzles range from the painfully obvious to the mind-bendingly complex, making the overall experience of 'Galaxy Jumper' exemplary of how far Flash games have come and what heights they can achieve.

Zombies Took My Daughter - There have been a glut of zombie-related Flash games over the past several years but few have attained the sort of console-level quality as 'Zombies Took My Daughter'. Blending arcade-style action with exploration and even a degree of stealth, 'Zombies' is like a 2D 'Resident Evil' with a creepy, morose soundtrack to match.

Story-wise, 'Zombies' doesn't really reach the level of the Capcom classic, but why zombies took your daughter and didn't just eat her isn't really why you are playing this game in the first place, is it?. No, it's the impressive arsenal you are able to acquire with which to dispense justice upon the undead that keeps you coming back - everything from shotguns and katanas to umbrellas and teddy bears are at your disposal. The game also allows you to traverse the different sections of the city, which are randomly generated each time you play, via a subway system and helps to introduce you to AI characters that will aid you at various points throughout.

Simple enough for casual gamers but with enough detail to draw in the hardcore, 'Zombies Took My Daughter' is one of the more compelling Flash titles to come about in recent memory.

Inferno - As the adorable (and lifesaving!) Firebot, you must race against the clock as a raging inferno threatens to consume each of 'Inferno's 20-plus nail-biting levels. With a limited supply of water in your tanks, Firebot must use speed and precision to put out each spreading blaze while collecting coins that will enable him to unlock more firefighting powers along the way. Many of Inferno's areas are several levels high with no obvious way to reach the area above but luckily Firebot's high-pressure hose can also be used as a jet-pack a la 'Super Mario Sunsine'.

This will use up precious H2O however so you must also be mindful of the reserve tanks spread throughout the game. But be careful because the fire is spreading quick and refilling your water tanks eats up time on the clock! With timeless design drawing from classic platformers of yore and eye-catching visuals that will have you glued to the monitor, 'Inferno' is sure to keep you glued to your screen for some time to come.

To play these games online just go to Fun Games for kids and adults to get to oomboom.com.

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Shades of Fun and Play: Fun Games for Kids While Under the Beach Umbrella

Sunlight contains Vit. D, a nutrient that aids in the absorption of calcium in the body which is essential for building strong bones and teeth and normal skeletal bone formation. But there is such thing as too much sun, especially when it comes to young children. As a rule, do not allow a child to undergo sun exposure between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. On a beach, make sure the child has enough shade, such as an umbrella or a shed. If he falls asleep on a chair or stroller, make sure he is sufficiently covered. But as the child grows and changes his napping schedule, time spent in the shade can be translated to hours of fun.

A castle for a little king (or queen)
Little boys and girls will have their own kingdom to rule with castles especially built for their size. Sand castles allow lots of physical and imaginative play - digging holes, building tunnels, constructing a fortress. Give them the right tools for the job - sifts, shovels, buckets and moulds and then let their imagination take over with endless choices of raw materials - sand, seashells, algae, wood, stones, twigs and leaves.

Mostly mosaic
Another wonderful game for kids is mosaic construction. Mosaics allow the use of free-forming shapes. By putting them together, kids learn to compose and create. Use round, rectangular, oval, irregular and every silly shape you can find and have the kids create something based on a theme. Let kids create a fish shape, a flower or a boat using rocks and found objects on the sand. Go horizontal or let the kids build a standing sculpture for parents and beachgoers to enjoy. Look for small, smooth rocks to ensure that tiny hands are not grazed and choose them in several colors. If there are shells around, let the children use those too. Or better yet, go on a beachcombing adventure first and let the child use whatever materials he can find.

Gimme shelter
Need more shade? Let the children help build one. But not just any shade - make sure it is something that comes out of the child's fantastical mind. Does he want to become an astronaut? Build a spaceship. Does he like a little adventure outdoors? Build a tepee. Gather a few beach towels, a few wooden or plastic pegs and some trusty shovels for digging in the sand. Some strings will also come in handy for tying the towels together. If there is need for some technical help, let daddy or mommy take charge; otherwise, it's the child's call.

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Build Your Team With Fun Games

Team building is an important factor to efficient productivity. If the team does not work together, nothing else will. Teams are formed when they share common experiences. Hence, to address this issue you can try the age- old method of breaking ice, team- building games.

Themes activities

Base the team building activities on a particular theme. Some exciting themes are described below:

Problem solving and leadership

Treasure hunts, games such as mine- field, toxic waste can be highly engaging, involving inputs from everyone in the team and help identify the leader among them. Themed games are good way for the team to identify its pros and cons. Each person realizes his good and weak points and when back to work, he or she can improve upon it.

Themed games are real life SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat).

Totally outdoor and physical

Team games such as football, hockey, kayaking, cricket, etc. bring the group together. Another way to build a team is going military style. A day at the military obstacle course is going to unite everybody. Achievement in physical form is the most gratifying and the most self less. Hence, when a team is involved in physical activity, they will form a strong team.

Puzzles and trust building games

Indoor games like jigsaw puzzle and 10-pin bowling, guessing games are great way to get the team going into a communicative mode to come up with answers.

On the other hand, a team is built on trust. Trust is probably the hardest thing to develop. So, games and activities which involve each team member depending on the other to be guided is a great way to develop trust among them.

This will help them to realize that every person needs the other to succeed, both professionally and otherwise.

Cooking classes

Sounds weird, but cooking classes are a great way to team building. The teams are in a common learning experience, like a day back in their school days. This evokes the kid in them and they get all chatty and the ice is broken! This is a great way for people to look differently at food and the making.


Workshops are not exactly team building, but more of self- analysis and self discovery. However, this is essential for each team member. These results must be discussed with others so that the team as a whole now understands what they are capable of and what not.

Teams are formed based on trust and common experiences. That is the very basis of team building activities. They also give a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. The process is also a kind of self- discovery. Such activities are must on every company and firm.

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Fun Games For Kids

Cognitive development develops at a fast pace during the early years of a child. When they are 2 years old, the brain has grown to 75 percent of its adult weight and by 5 years old, 90 percent. That is why during these early years, they need to be given opportunities to be stimulated and challenged through playing intellectual games. Young children are naturally self-motivated, curious and are eager to explore almost everything and to help them, we must provide them concrete materials to manipulate, toys for example, problems to solve, and the opportunity to experience with the environment and encouraging them to ask questions.

Children express themselves better when they are playing games:

1. Fun games for kids to expand their vocabulary.
Language develops fast during the early years and language is caught rather than taught. Use puppets, toy phones or walkie-talkies to encourage the children to tell stories or what they have done for the day. You can draw eyes, nose and mouth on each finger and have a story-telling with your child. An example, I am Monday and my favorite hobby is painting because I am called the Thumb and I love to dip myself into paint to form patterns on the paper. What is your favorite hobby? The child learns a collection of words which helps them to communicate and this activity is fun and creative.

2. Fun games for kids to develop their musical intelligence.
Children have their first experience with music when parents sing lullabies and dance with them when they were still infants. Music is important during the early years as it helps the children to bond socially, emotionally and cognitively with people. Encouraging the children to move along with the music or playing with musical instruments helps them to control their fine motor skills and develops their eye-hand coordination. You can play this game which is funny for kids. Play any fast moving song and ask the children to hop like a frog and kicking their legs while hopping, move like a train, hooting as they go along or wiggle like a worm.

3. Fun games for kids to develop their literacy.
Story songs have rhythm and are fun and enrich a child's vocabulary through their short, simple texts. Nursery rhymes are an example of story songs and they stay with us as they are passed from one generation to another. Nursery rhymes have a musical quality incorporating language rhythm, patterns and rhymes in every verse which fascinates children to develop their language.

You can also finger play while singing a story song and there are many story songs which you can use like "Five Lttle Ducks", "Itsy Bitsy Spider', "I'm a Little Teapot" and many others. While singing "Five Little Ducks" show five fingers and so on.

Games should be kept short and stop when the children show signs of restlessness or lack of interest. If you want more of such activities to stimulate your children during these vital early years, you can visit www.gamesforfunkids.com for more of such creative activities.

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Fun Halloween Kids Party Games

Halloween is such an exciting occasion. These Halloween kids party games add yet another element of fun to the proceedings if you're throwing a party.

Pumpkin Penny Pitch

Object of Game: To pitch a penny into a pumpkin.

  • Method #1: Carve out a pumpkin (or two,or three) and line the inside with plastic or aluminum foil.
  • Make the top opening big.
  • Method: #2: Use several small plastic pumpkins(Less messy)

    Playing the Game:
  • Place the pumpkins a couple feet away.
  • Give each player ten to twenty pennies.
  • Every time a penny goes into the pumpkin, a piece of candy is won.

Bobbing for Apples
  • A traditional Halloween kids party games for kids.
  • You'll need a large tub filled with water, and plenty of apples tipped in to bob around on the surface.
  • Each child tries to grab an apple with their mouth from the tub.
  • It's messy, it's wet... so you might need to wrap a towel round their shoulders first, particularly if they're wearing a Halloween costume!
  • You can dish out prizes for success, or just for effort!
  • And if bobbing for the apples is a bit too hard for the smaller ones - why not get a net and let them fish for the apples?

Spider Web Prizes
  • You will need lengths of black yarn and a plastic or toy spider and a small prize for each child.
  • To set up, tie one end of the yarn to a prize and hide the prize, then walk around the room twisting the yarn around furniture.
  • Cut the yarn and attach a spider to the other end within sight in the middle of the room.
  • Repeat with the other prizes.
  • Each child finds a spider and then follows it to a prize.

Candy Hunt
  • Similar to an egg hunt, wrap little packages of candy corn in netting or use other candy and hide them for the children to find.

These Halloween kids party games are fun for any age - Enjoy!

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Kids Fun Games And Family Fun Places

Devoting an area of your home to creating one of those special family fun places is a sure way to bring the family together. With these special areas of entertainment comes togetherness, loads of fun, affordability and easy access due to no traveling being required.

Plus, as a constant focal point of the family unit, the participation of children is a necessity. While some may believe it is impossible to find activities that can be enjoyed by children, adults, and teens alike, there are plenty of options to create fun for all through kids fun games.

With kids fun games, family nights can certainly be nights to remember. Keeping kids in mind can be essential to creating the perfect atmosphere of fun for your family, because after all, who could possibly be more fun than the children? Tapping into the eagerness of children to engage in fun activities could very well keep the rest of your family looking forward to these very special nights together.

There are limitless amounts of fun and interesting kids fun games to be enjoyed by the entire family. These activities do not have to be limited to the inside of your home. Even the backyard can be converted into a center of family fun with a little bit of thought, effort, and creativity.

Badminton is a relatively easy game to learn and can be enjoyed by several people at a time. Other backyard games to consider are tetherball and volleyball. These games require very little set up and space to participate in. Beach volleyball and swimming pool volleyball are great fun as well.

Horseshoes is a great outdoor game anyone can enjoy. One popular brand of shoes is the line of Alan Francis horseshoes. These are durable and affordable.

For fun inside the home that can be had no matter what the weather, there are even more to choose from than the outdoor activities. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is quite popular among many families. They can be found through several sources online, both used and new, at reasonable prices. You can also implement simple boardgames into your family's routine. Another option is pinball, or arcade games. One popular model is the Harley Davidson pinball machine.

There are many classic games that you may even remember enjoying during your childhood years that you can introduce your family to, if they are not already familiar with them. Choosing these games can also become an activity that kids look forward to. With your help, your family can be set for an explosion of fun in no time!

Creating one of those special family fun places takes some planning and effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. You also save money by staying home and having a very affordable family vacation in your own place!

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Fun Games - Now Recreation is Just a Click Away!

Fun games can be played on the computer, play station, Nintendo player and Xbox platform through CDs that are readily available in the market. You will find these games on the CDs but if your pocket does allow for it, then online games is the perfect medium. Fun games can be anyone whether it is shooting, action and adventure, puzzles etc. Most of us usually like to play action games because these are considered as best stress relievers.

Online fun games are excited and you can play these games with friends and compete. Actions games have been a favorite among kids and teenager as well. Parents also allow them to play these games as they want. Every game has some story line that makes it more interesting. Gamers play more and more just because they enjoy it and interested to know more about it so that they can finish the game. Another fun game is shooting games that are more popular among the kids. Parents permit them to play this game since, they are not playing with the real gun and bullets, they are safe.

These games are not only the medium for spending spare time but also improve hand to brain synchronization. While playing fun games on the computer, kids learn and try to operate keyboard and mouse faster. While playing these games, you always feel like a soldier or hero who always wishes to beat enemies without afraid. They brought revolution in online gaming zones where thousands of gamers start playing without paying single penny.

With the advancement in technology, you can play online as well as download games from websites. Lots of websites are available on the Internet that offers many fun games for free. Not only kids and teenagers but adults also love to play games. These games are accessible by everyone. You can search and play online. While downloading games always keep it in your mind that some website offers only demo while some offer complete games, therefore, go through all the details before downloading. Also take care of your system about malware and viruses as they can destroy your files and document so always keep anti-virus software to protect your PC.

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From Fossil Fun Games to Hands-On Activities - Animal Kingdom's DinoLand USA - Part 2

The Animal Kingdom is another of the four theme parks in Disneyworld Florida. The park focuses more on Walt Disney's passion for the natural environment and its proper care, conservation and research. It is the biggest animal themed park in the world. In the seven areas of the park we focus on each of them and their attractions. We take a look into DinoLand USA. The first inhabitants of this planet ruled the earth. Dinosaurs created an impact on prehistoric times. This area of the theme park enables to get to know its early beginnings. Here are some of the attractions that are part of this area that are more hands-on:

Fossil Fun Games - This is an area where kids and adults play in traditional boardwalk games for prizes. Some of the games that are for everyone's challenge are Bronto- Score basketball game, Comet Crasher goblet-toss game, Dino-Whamma mallet strength game, Fossil Fueler water-squirt game, Mammoth Marathon racing derby game.

Kids Discovery clubs - Kids will love this area as it encourages them to be hand-on with a six different varieties of activities. They can choose to construct dinosaurs from piles of bones, do some scavenger hunting, look at the world from the bug's perspective and even become a wildlife detective. Every activity completed, kids earn a stamp and they receive a bonus for completing everything.

Primeval Whirl - Of course a theme park without a roller coaster would be so dull. This ride is like a spinning time machine that give you dips, risky turns, and crazy curves. The coaster spins on its own round and round path and you never know which way would it twirl.

The Boneyard - This playground is set for kids to combine play and applying some fun knowledge about dinosaurs. You can be pseudo palaeontologists for the day where they can discover fossils of some of the usual dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and even the Woolly Mammoth. There are even slides around its multi-level maze to discover, a xylobone where kids can play a musical instrument made of fossilized bones and many areas of discovery.

TriceraTop Spin - This wholesome kiddie ride is perfect for everyone. It seats four passengers. It flies around a giant top as you encounter cartoon comets and some dinosaurs pop up. Your kids would enjoy it as they can navigate this ride whether to go even higher or lower.

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A Mad Hatters Tea Party - Create Some Fun For Kids!

Tea parties are always a fun way to get together, but a Mad Hatters tea party is a different kind of fun. What a memorable way to create some end of summer fun for the kids.

Nonsensical and silly are the goals of this party. All the tea etiquette rules and sophistication of a traditional tea party go out the window, or should I say go through the looking glass?

If you remember, in Alice in Wonderland, the March Rabbit meets with Alice as he is running late for a tea party. The beginning of Chapter 7 in the story, Alice finds herself at a very long table, set for many for tea. Everyone is crowded at one end of this table. This, of course, is the Mad Hatter's tea party.

The Mad Hatter has been condemned by the Queen of Hearts for 'killing time" with his singing. As the story goes, all the clocks and watches say tea time, all the time. Alice is impolitely treated with riddles that have no answers and silly nonsensical poems.

This has all the makings of a very fun event and a way to get the kids to explore their creative side.

Let's start with the invitations. Do you want hats to be the theme? Or maybe the theme is Wonderland and all the characters? Take time to make hand made invitations. Create your own silly rhymes to go with the theme. If you want others to dress up, make them aware of that in the invitation. Ask them to wear an outrageous hat. Or better yet, tell them you have a Mad Hatter hat making session planned.

To create excitement and anticipation of the event, deliver the invitations in costume!

Once you have the theme and have the invitations out, it is time to plan the tea party decorations. The Mad Hatter tea party is all about non conformity, so enjoy and mix and match your dishes, glasses and silverware. Use different chairs too! Table cloths in pastel colors and tea pots with flowers make a great table setting for this affair. Some paper lanterns or playing cards are great decoration ideas to consider too.

Consider creating a looking glass that every one walks through to enter the party into Wonderland. Find a place for the Cheshire cat or at least his smile to appear. And don't forget Dormouse, he would be happy to be placed in a teapot on the table.

More on a Mad Hatters Tea Party

Now, time to plan the menu. It is a party for games and fun. Finger foods are perfect for this event. You can serve the same foods you would serve at any tea party, but have fun and get creative to on the names of the food. Remember, the sillier the better for Wonderland. How does Tweedledee and Tweedledum tarts sound? Courisier and courisier tea cocktails? The Mad Hatter did offer Alice some wine! So serve your ice tea drinks in plastic wine goblets to the kids. Take a ribbon and a name tag and tie it on the base of each glass. Write "Drink Me" on them. Make cookies that say "Eat Me".

For a fun activity, allow your guests to become Mad Hatters, and create their own hats. It is a simple and fun activity for the kids. It takes newspaper, tape, scissors, flowers and a little creativity to make these as tea party favors. It is a great way to occupy the kids and allow them to make something memorable to take home.

This is a party to play croquet, card games and silly rhyming games. Depending on the age of the children, you can create games suitable for their age level. Some may love playing "opposites". Everything in Wonderland is not as it appears to be. Make rules that everyone is called their name backwards and when responding to a question on should answer the opposite of what they really mean. It can create laughter as the kids get inventive with their questions.

A Mad Hatters tea party is a great and fun way to create some end of summer fun for kids! It allows them to be creative and silly. This is a party that will be talked about for years to come.

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4 Fun Games Your Kids Can Play Using Magnets

Magnets produce a magnetic field and offer the opportunity for children to take a fun and entertaining science lesson. They also provide an opportunity to enjoy some fun, magnetically charged games. Smaller children will enjoy searching the home, or daycare, for magnets while older children may enjoy more complex activities. No matter what your child's age, you can use the following games to inspire your child's learning and have a little fun.

Go Find the Magnets

This game is great for younger children. It combines the physical and scientific properties of it with a scavenger hunt. Children can learn about the different surfaces a magnet is attracted to. Collect a number of magnets. You can use refrigerator magnets attached to colorful plastics to make the game easier for smaller children.

Place the magnets around the home on surfaces the magnets are attracted to. Review the types of surfaces attach to with your child. Once the review is complete, tell him to find the ones you placed around the home.

Magnet Automobiles: Avoid a Crash!

For older children, playing with small cars is a fun way to pass the time. Collect small magnet bars and attach them to the front of several small cars. Make sure you attach them in the same exact location. They should line up when the cars are placed on the floor.

Tell your children to roll the cars on a smooth surface, such as the kitchen floor, as they normally would. Ask the children what happens when the cars get closer to each other. Ask them if they can push the cars without touching them.

Paper Clip Grab Jar

Fill a wide-lipped, clear glass jar with regular tap water. Make sure you fill the jar to the top. Drop five paper clips per child into the glass jar. Hand each child a magnet. Tell them the goal is to see who can get the most magnets out of the jar first.

When the children place the magnets on the sides of the jar, the magnets will respond. They should drag the magnet to the top of the jar and use their fingers to get their magnets out. The first person to get all five magnets wins the game.

Play a Game of ISpy

Collect at least ten decorated magnets or create your own using colorful items, such as cuttings from cards or scrapbook materials. Tell your child to close her eyes and place the magnets around your location, preferably on metal objects, such as the refrigerator. Tell your child she can go grab a magnet once she identifies it.

Say "I spy with my little eye..." and describe the magnet. Give clues until your child finds the magnet. Then, allow your child to go through the same process.

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Fun Games For Halloween - Parents Use at Home When the School Bans Kids Halloween Activities

Many school systems are trying to be politically correct and therefore ban kids Halloween Activities during school hours. This leaves many parents searching for educational, yet fun games for Halloween to use at home. Parents might search for free games on line, or purchase a fun Halloween activity book at a bookstore or find an downloadable eBook. Here are some ideas of the sorts of educational games or activities kids love and can be used to reinforce their skills.

  • Word Puzzles are always fun and simple activities to give children. They are generally individual so can be used in the car, while in a waiting room, or on a rainy weekend afternoon. Word puzzles would be variations on word searches, unscrambling words, or creating words based on a theme.
  • Mazes are always a great problem solving activity, quick and simple. Educational mazes might have problems to solve or riddles to answer along the way, generally ending up with a secret word or phrase.
  • Math worksheets provide many options for kids Halloween activities with quality, fun exercises that motivate students while giving extra practice on skills covered in school. These worksheets might be a riddle, puzzle or even a Sudoku type problem but they all need to use current math skills to be effective.
  • Writing prompts used at home will challenge the family to write some fun and interesting Halloween stories and share with each other. Parents can motivate the students to get some journal writing in with few complaints if they find some different and interesting prompts.
  • Brain Teasers or trivia cards are always an engaging way to pass time with the family. Families at the dinner table or while riding in the car can take turns reading brain teasers or Halloween trivia. Many of these promote problem solving and higher level thinking skills while the children think they are just having fun!
  • Game boards with a Halloween theme give the family a break form the standard games they use all the time. Finding Halloween board games that tap into school topics, math vocabulary, problems solving make it even better.

Parents searching for educational, yet fun games for Halloween will be better off if they find one or two products that have quality activities spanning several grade levels. That way all the children in the house can use just one resource, and there will always be new activities available for future years. It is also important to be sure there are enough activities at each skill level so the resource can be used several times during the holiday.

If the school system near you bans kids Halloween activities and you happen to love the holiday, then finding fun games for Halloween to use at home will be just the thing for you. Parents looking for an alternative to handing out candy could even run off a bunch of downloadable puzzles on orange paper, roll it up with a cute bow and hand it out for trick or treating!

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