Fun Games Try to Make You Learn Some Basic and Vital Knowledge at Initial Stage

There are many reasons which may deter you from playing fun games that may involve your active participation. The theory goes that what may be the sole purpose for any person who wants to play game if he has a lot of work to do! It seems very practical but going through the other specs; you will find that games are only the ultimate option which will teach you every lesson of your life to live it peacefully and vibrantly. Fun, engagement and time pass is not only the vital cause of playing games which have not any sense. It is done for brilliance, improving technical and logical knowledge levels or your mind and this is also done to change the social life of many people.

Often playing games of fun and entertainment is not considered the only option to keep your day and schedule busy when you have a lot of task to be accomplished on the same day. Some of the games are inherently developed for children and adults who have specific problems with their mind and grasping pattern. You will certainly find a number of games in the category of puzzles, arithmetic, electronics and racing which teach your kids and children a very powerful methodology to learn everything including some basics and fundamental tips of living a life which is not less than a king. Certainly, games provide you an opportunity for involving your life and activities for such a purpose where you might think yourself as the only person who is capable of playing fun games and this is the sole spirit of playing and learning.

Most of the kids and parents are interested in making their child play the fun games which are the latest innovations and sometimes, it may be a random selection to play. Both these cases will fetch you the same result - a developed and improved mental level of your kid who becomes able to grasp everything with ease. There is no denying the fact that the purpose of playing games is not only the entertainment, time pass or fun rather it is one of the best and efficient methods to control and improve your child's learning process.

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Fun Games for Teens on the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is five years old today and into its third iteration. And it's proving to be a remarkable hit with both young kids and ones in their teens. The success of the platform is so thorough that it has one of the most generous endowments of game titles of any platform in the world. There are many who tries to speculate on the secret to the success of the Nintendo DS; more than anything else, the touch screen and the twin screen layout seems to have something to please everyone with - right from the teen who was born with a computer in his hand to grandpa and grandma who think that a computer is a large calculator. Here are a few of the greatest fun games for teens in the Nintendo DS lineup. That group can be particularly sensitive to the kind of peers they have in any choice of video games. While having grandma and grandpa play along on the same machine doesn't exactly help the DS' image, it doesn't seem to be hurting it all that much so far. Here's a round-up of the best games there are for the platform.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a great new addition to the venerable Zelda franchise on the Nintendo platform. In this version, the Link puts in an appearance as a train track mechanic. Right away, the train tracks begin to disappear and the Link is faced with the prospect of fighting an evil character; the best part is that when this happens, he gets princess Zelda to come and help him herself. The controls for this game reside completely in the touchscreen and two other buttons. There are dungeons and curious environments galore and all of them are pretty hysterical. When the game isn't about fighting the bad characters, it's about getting them to fly about on missions on the flying train to do something good. A great idea for fun games for teens.

Castlevania too has a great following, having been around for as long as anyone can remember. The game is set in a great dark Gothic castle haunted by the most fantastical dreamed-up demons. The king of that particular place is a bloke named Dracula. Dracula and his trusty sidekick, the Grim Reaper, try to do you in the moment you step in, and you get to pick from an overwhelmingly thorough armory to fight with. Castlevania is 2-D of course, but it doesn't seem to be that when it draws you right into the action.

When in the movie Back to the Future, Marty steps in to an 80s Malt Shop and finds them playing Beat It and finds a favorite arcade style video game in the corner, we know exactly how he feels. If you've been wishing for a great 80s game revival, try the Retro Game Challenge for the Nintendo DS. This isn't just a random bunch of dated cheesy games though; every one of these old fun games for teens is liable to be a big hit today, and there is variety galore.

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Baby Showers - Fun Games

Baby shower games happen only once in a while and are a great occasion for having fun. After all, a baby shower is sort of a welcome party for the bundle of joy and fun himself or herself, the soon-to-be-born baby. Aside from the moms-to-be, close friends and relatives like grandparents and godparents make themselves available for such an occasion. And how else can one brighten up the party but play group games? People enjoy playing games. Games give people occasion to relate to others and develop friendships among themselves. Baby shower games are also a way of paying homage to the mother for bearing the child.

Here are some of the more common baby shower games and the brief descriptions of how they are played:

Sing it, baby!

Participants position themselves into a round formation. They may either stand up or sit down. When his or her turn comes, each participant will sing several lines from a song that contains the word "baby". Somebody from the group of participants will have to be designated as starter. The next player to his or her right will have ten seconds to do the same after the starter has finished singing. The next player to the right follows until only one person is left who is able to sing a "baby" song. A song cannot be repeated. Those who repeat a song and those who cannot sing a "baby" song within ten seconds when their turn comes boot themselves out of the game.

Measuring up mommy

The mom-to-be becomes the center of attention in this game. A facilitator will need some two rolls of sanitary tissue for this game. Players will be asked to guess the size of mommy's girth with the use of the tissue. They will cut the tissue to a length of the paper which they think will approximate the size of mommy's round belly. Each player will then wrap around mommy's belly with the tissue he or she cut to determine the winner. The one whose guess is closest to the actual belly size wins it.

Looking at you, kid!

It is fun looking at pictures taken when we were toddlers, right? That is what this game is all about. To get this going, those who are attending the party must be asked earlier (that is, before they come to attend the party itself) to bring with them pictures of themselves when they were kids. The more amusing the pictures look, the better. Upon arrival of participants, party hosts will collect the pictures and assign numbers to them. At game time, the pictures will be laid on a table and each participant given paper and pen. The task is to identify or recognize as much picture as one can by writing the identities on the paper. The participant who gets to identify correctly the most number of kids wins the game.

Don't say baby

This game will refrain oneself (in the spirit of fun) from saying the word "baby". This can be tough considering that the event is called baby shower. Diaper pins are given to participants at their arrival for the baby shower. Every time a participant says or mentions the word "baby" a pin is taken away from his or her possession. The participant who gets to retain the greatest number of pins when the party ends collects a prize.

Baby truth or dare

This is a question and answer game. Somebody will be asked to prepare true-or-false trivia questions about babies in general. As the baby shower game gets going, participants will be asked in random to answer the trivia questions. Those who respond or answer the questions correctly will win a prize while those who do not will be dared to do anything he or she likes for everyone's entertainment.

The seventh gift

This game is inspired by the single lady who grabs the wedding bouquet lobbed by the bride after the wedding rite. Belief has it that that lady will come to be the next bride. Here, the baby shower game partakes of somewhat similar fable-like turn when the gifts are unwrapped. The lady who gave the seventh gift that gets unwrapped is tossed to become the next woman on the family way. Here is a tip: Make sure that the seventh gift is not "planted" so as to make it truly fun and exciting.

Dig out the pins

Players scramble to fish out diaper pins from a big bowl full of uncooked rice. The game runs for two minutes. The player who collects the greatest number of pins wins the game.

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PSP Kids Games - Appropriate and Fun Games For 2009

If you are looking for PSP Kids Games that are not only safe for "little eyes and ears" - but for games that kids love to play, here is a list of the top-rated and best-selling games for kids this year (2009) - All of which are rated "E" or "E-10" and so are appropriate for children:

1.  Daxter for PSP - This game has some of the best graphics available for the PSP, it's story line is interesting and challenging.  The main character is this game is Daxter - who is looking for his friend Jak who has been kidnapped - he is working some pretty unusual jobs to "sneakily" try to find his friend.  This is one of a series of "Jak" games, and has been the hottest selling game for kids on the PSP this year.

2.  Spongebob SquarePants the Yellow Avenger for PSP - This game is well known to be simple enough (easily controlled) for younger kids.  However, kids who are not yet able to read may have a bit of a hard time due to the instructions for the game being in writing on the screen.  Overall, this game has great reviews and it's not only fun, but quite amusing as well.

3.  Sonic Rivals for PSP - This is actually two games - you can choose from the "Sonic Rivals" or "Sonic Rivals 2".  These games were specifically made for the PSP, so the graphics are excellent and the games themselves makes the most of the PSP handheld.  Although the game starts out rather lightheartedly, it turns into some pretty serious gameplay between Sonic and his friends - competing against each other.

4.  Sega Genesis Collection for PSP - This is a fabulous set of games for either those who are familiar with the Genesis console or for players who are new to these games.  The games are classics (you might recognize - the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin and more).  There are enough games - and enough different types of games that almost anyone who plays is sure to have a great time.

5.  Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures for PSP - This is a series of levels based on the original Indiana Jones movies.  The humor is rather "tongue in cheek" and the challenges are great.  It's not specifically made for the PSP, but is great in the PSP format nonetheless.

If you're shopping specifically for some great PSP Kids Games - I hope that the above suggestions help to point you in the right direction! 

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Fun Games For Kids - Camping, Table Tennis And Badminton

When you are looking to have some family fun there are many different options and those options include kids fun games. With some many different options available there are ways that you can have affordable fun with your family that does not have to break the bank.

Most people have an idea that for anything to be fun it has to cost a fortune but there are many things that you can do that barely cost anything at all. There are even affordable family vacations that you can take to have a great time that are right in your backyard.

When it comes to kids fun games there are a number of different games to choose from whether you want to be indoors or outdoors. If your family enjoys being outdoors then a game of horseshoes or badminton might be a good choice for you.

It is inexpensive to purchase the equipment for badminton and it is something that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Plus,the best part is that it will be right in your backyard so you will not even need to spend money on gas to travel somewhere to have fun.

If you want to feel like you are getting away on a vacation but do not want to spend the money that it costs to take a vacation then a family camping trip might be a great option for you. There are many county and state parks right in your area that offer camping.

If you do not own any camping equipment such as a tent many of these places have tents or cabins on site so that you do not have to worry about purchasing this type of equipment. There are usually grilling pits right at the campsite so that you will be able to cook all of your foods right there.

Another game that is truly great for everyone is table tennis. For under $100 you can buy a decent table and accessories to get started. One of the best parts is that Mom, Dad and all the kids can compete and share the fun.

No matter what type of family fun you are looking to have whether it be a game at home or a cheap cruise to the Caribbean there are options for everyone. It is important to keep in mind that family fun does not have to cost a lot of money or even any money at all.

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