Fun Games For Kids

Cognitive development develops at a fast pace during the early years of a child. When they are 2 years old, the brain has grown to 75 percent of its adult weight and by 5 years old, 90 percent. That is why during these early years, they need to be given opportunities to be stimulated and challenged through playing intellectual games. Young children are naturally self-motivated, curious and are eager to explore almost everything and to help them, we must provide them concrete materials to manipulate, toys for example, problems to solve, and the opportunity to experience with the environment and encouraging them to ask questions.

Children express themselves better when they are playing games:

1. Fun games for kids to expand their vocabulary.
Language develops fast during the early years and language is caught rather than taught. Use puppets, toy phones or walkie-talkies to encourage the children to tell stories or what they have done for the day. You can draw eyes, nose and mouth on each finger and have a story-telling with your child. An example, I am Monday and my favorite hobby is painting because I am called the Thumb and I love to dip myself into paint to form patterns on the paper. What is your favorite hobby? The child learns a collection of words which helps them to communicate and this activity is fun and creative.

2. Fun games for kids to develop their musical intelligence.
Children have their first experience with music when parents sing lullabies and dance with them when they were still infants. Music is important during the early years as it helps the children to bond socially, emotionally and cognitively with people. Encouraging the children to move along with the music or playing with musical instruments helps them to control their fine motor skills and develops their eye-hand coordination. You can play this game which is funny for kids. Play any fast moving song and ask the children to hop like a frog and kicking their legs while hopping, move like a train, hooting as they go along or wiggle like a worm.

3. Fun games for kids to develop their literacy.
Story songs have rhythm and are fun and enrich a child's vocabulary through their short, simple texts. Nursery rhymes are an example of story songs and they stay with us as they are passed from one generation to another. Nursery rhymes have a musical quality incorporating language rhythm, patterns and rhymes in every verse which fascinates children to develop their language.

You can also finger play while singing a story song and there are many story songs which you can use like "Five Lttle Ducks", "Itsy Bitsy Spider', "I'm a Little Teapot" and many others. While singing "Five Little Ducks" show five fingers and so on.

Games should be kept short and stop when the children show signs of restlessness or lack of interest. If you want more of such activities to stimulate your children during these vital early years, you can visit www.gamesforfunkids.com for more of such creative activities.

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Fun Halloween Kids Party Games

Halloween is such an exciting occasion. These Halloween kids party games add yet another element of fun to the proceedings if you're throwing a party.

Pumpkin Penny Pitch

Object of Game: To pitch a penny into a pumpkin.

  • Method #1: Carve out a pumpkin (or two,or three) and line the inside with plastic or aluminum foil.
  • Make the top opening big.
  • Method: #2: Use several small plastic pumpkins(Less messy)

    Playing the Game:
  • Place the pumpkins a couple feet away.
  • Give each player ten to twenty pennies.
  • Every time a penny goes into the pumpkin, a piece of candy is won.

Bobbing for Apples
  • A traditional Halloween kids party games for kids.
  • You'll need a large tub filled with water, and plenty of apples tipped in to bob around on the surface.
  • Each child tries to grab an apple with their mouth from the tub.
  • It's messy, it's wet... so you might need to wrap a towel round their shoulders first, particularly if they're wearing a Halloween costume!
  • You can dish out prizes for success, or just for effort!
  • And if bobbing for the apples is a bit too hard for the smaller ones - why not get a net and let them fish for the apples?

Spider Web Prizes
  • You will need lengths of black yarn and a plastic or toy spider and a small prize for each child.
  • To set up, tie one end of the yarn to a prize and hide the prize, then walk around the room twisting the yarn around furniture.
  • Cut the yarn and attach a spider to the other end within sight in the middle of the room.
  • Repeat with the other prizes.
  • Each child finds a spider and then follows it to a prize.

Candy Hunt
  • Similar to an egg hunt, wrap little packages of candy corn in netting or use other candy and hide them for the children to find.

These Halloween kids party games are fun for any age - Enjoy!

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Kids Fun Games And Family Fun Places

Devoting an area of your home to creating one of those special family fun places is a sure way to bring the family together. With these special areas of entertainment comes togetherness, loads of fun, affordability and easy access due to no traveling being required.

Plus, as a constant focal point of the family unit, the participation of children is a necessity. While some may believe it is impossible to find activities that can be enjoyed by children, adults, and teens alike, there are plenty of options to create fun for all through kids fun games.

With kids fun games, family nights can certainly be nights to remember. Keeping kids in mind can be essential to creating the perfect atmosphere of fun for your family, because after all, who could possibly be more fun than the children? Tapping into the eagerness of children to engage in fun activities could very well keep the rest of your family looking forward to these very special nights together.

There are limitless amounts of fun and interesting kids fun games to be enjoyed by the entire family. These activities do not have to be limited to the inside of your home. Even the backyard can be converted into a center of family fun with a little bit of thought, effort, and creativity.

Badminton is a relatively easy game to learn and can be enjoyed by several people at a time. Other backyard games to consider are tetherball and volleyball. These games require very little set up and space to participate in. Beach volleyball and swimming pool volleyball are great fun as well.

Horseshoes is a great outdoor game anyone can enjoy. One popular brand of shoes is the line of Alan Francis horseshoes. These are durable and affordable.

For fun inside the home that can be had no matter what the weather, there are even more to choose from than the outdoor activities. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is quite popular among many families. They can be found through several sources online, both used and new, at reasonable prices. You can also implement simple boardgames into your family's routine. Another option is pinball, or arcade games. One popular model is the Harley Davidson pinball machine.

There are many classic games that you may even remember enjoying during your childhood years that you can introduce your family to, if they are not already familiar with them. Choosing these games can also become an activity that kids look forward to. With your help, your family can be set for an explosion of fun in no time!

Creating one of those special family fun places takes some planning and effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. You also save money by staying home and having a very affordable family vacation in your own place!

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Fun Games - Now Recreation is Just a Click Away!

Fun games can be played on the computer, play station, Nintendo player and Xbox platform through CDs that are readily available in the market. You will find these games on the CDs but if your pocket does allow for it, then online games is the perfect medium. Fun games can be anyone whether it is shooting, action and adventure, puzzles etc. Most of us usually like to play action games because these are considered as best stress relievers.

Online fun games are excited and you can play these games with friends and compete. Actions games have been a favorite among kids and teenager as well. Parents also allow them to play these games as they want. Every game has some story line that makes it more interesting. Gamers play more and more just because they enjoy it and interested to know more about it so that they can finish the game. Another fun game is shooting games that are more popular among the kids. Parents permit them to play this game since, they are not playing with the real gun and bullets, they are safe.

These games are not only the medium for spending spare time but also improve hand to brain synchronization. While playing fun games on the computer, kids learn and try to operate keyboard and mouse faster. While playing these games, you always feel like a soldier or hero who always wishes to beat enemies without afraid. They brought revolution in online gaming zones where thousands of gamers start playing without paying single penny.

With the advancement in technology, you can play online as well as download games from websites. Lots of websites are available on the Internet that offers many fun games for free. Not only kids and teenagers but adults also love to play games. These games are accessible by everyone. You can search and play online. While downloading games always keep it in your mind that some website offers only demo while some offer complete games, therefore, go through all the details before downloading. Also take care of your system about malware and viruses as they can destroy your files and document so always keep anti-virus software to protect your PC.

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