Fun Computer Kids Games - Great Picks For 2009

There are a huge number of computer games these days - and when it comes to choosing good computer kids games it's time to become pretty picky. It's important to find games that are fun and challenging, but also it's important to find games that do not have inappropriate themes or content for kids.

Here is a list of some great computer kids games for 2009 - any of them are great for extensive game play, and are mentally challenging and - oh yes, they're fun too:

1. Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy - There are a good number of Nancy Drew computer games, this one is the most popular of them for the year. The game involves the disappearance of a groom that is supposed to show up at his wedding in the castle. Players work to solve the mystery and there are a number of ghostly surprises along the way. Fun stuff - especially for Nancy Drew fans.

2. The World of Goo - What a strange name! And - it is a bit of a strange game as well but is also great fun. The "goo gobs" have personalities and are used to build structures that are necessary to win any of the games. Pretty much unlimited game play with this one, and the challenges are quite a bit of fun.

3. Monopoly Here and Now - Seventy years and counting - Monopoly is still a mainstay in the game closet of any household. This is based on the original Monopoly game but has a fun and modern twist to it to make it much more interesting. This one is a favorite of adults as well.

4. Crazy Machines 2 - This is basically a mind puzzle game - working out how to build contraptions to solve problems. It's quite interesting and fun - and it really gets you thinking! Practically unlimited ways to solve any of the problems, so the game play is unlimited as well.

5. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition - Although this is more of a game for teens and adults, some older kids would enjoy this as well. This version in the lineup of SimCity games is the best yet, allowing players to combine cities that they have built into a huge metropolis and play within it. If you're at all interested in SimCity, you will love this game.

The computer kids games listed above are not geared toward very young children, but are perfect games for kids around 10 and older.

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