Ladder Ball - One of the Fun Games of Summer!

If you are looking for some fun games that everyone in the family from Grandma to the children can play, Ladder ball is one suggestion.

Ladder Ball is perfect for any outdoor activity. Camping, family reunions, summer parties, and outdoor bar-b-ques are just a few suggestions for gatherings where you can try this fun game of toss. It is one of those kids games that adults enjoy playing too. It does not require a large area to play because the goals can be set up a couple of different ways.

The story is that ladder ball originated with the American cowboys who used split rail fences and their cow wrangling Bolas (Bolos) to play the game. Ladder Ball, also known as Bolo Toss, can be played as teams or individually. It is similar to horse shoes, but can be played in the back yard without the wear and tear on your lawn.

The object of the game is to toss your three bolos, which consist of two golf balls connected by nylon string, to the opposite goal trying to wrap them on one of the three bars. The winner or winners are the first to have exactly 21 points. The wonderful thing about this game is that the rules can be easily modified to fit any age or skill level.

If you are looking for inexpensive entertainment for most any type of gathering a Ladder Ball set might just be one of the fun games you are looking for. Give it a try; you may just start a new tradition!

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