4 Fun Games Your Kids Can Play Using Magnets

Magnets produce a magnetic field and offer the opportunity for children to take a fun and entertaining science lesson. They also provide an opportunity to enjoy some fun, magnetically charged games. Smaller children will enjoy searching the home, or daycare, for magnets while older children may enjoy more complex activities. No matter what your child's age, you can use the following games to inspire your child's learning and have a little fun.

Go Find the Magnets

This game is great for younger children. It combines the physical and scientific properties of it with a scavenger hunt. Children can learn about the different surfaces a magnet is attracted to. Collect a number of magnets. You can use refrigerator magnets attached to colorful plastics to make the game easier for smaller children.

Place the magnets around the home on surfaces the magnets are attracted to. Review the types of surfaces attach to with your child. Once the review is complete, tell him to find the ones you placed around the home.

Magnet Automobiles: Avoid a Crash!

For older children, playing with small cars is a fun way to pass the time. Collect small magnet bars and attach them to the front of several small cars. Make sure you attach them in the same exact location. They should line up when the cars are placed on the floor.

Tell your children to roll the cars on a smooth surface, such as the kitchen floor, as they normally would. Ask the children what happens when the cars get closer to each other. Ask them if they can push the cars without touching them.

Paper Clip Grab Jar

Fill a wide-lipped, clear glass jar with regular tap water. Make sure you fill the jar to the top. Drop five paper clips per child into the glass jar. Hand each child a magnet. Tell them the goal is to see who can get the most magnets out of the jar first.

When the children place the magnets on the sides of the jar, the magnets will respond. They should drag the magnet to the top of the jar and use their fingers to get their magnets out. The first person to get all five magnets wins the game.

Play a Game of ISpy

Collect at least ten decorated magnets or create your own using colorful items, such as cuttings from cards or scrapbook materials. Tell your child to close her eyes and place the magnets around your location, preferably on metal objects, such as the refrigerator. Tell your child she can go grab a magnet once she identifies it.

Say "I spy with my little eye..." and describe the magnet. Give clues until your child finds the magnet. Then, allow your child to go through the same process.

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