Fun Halloween Kids Party Games

Halloween is such an exciting occasion. These Halloween kids party games add yet another element of fun to the proceedings if you're throwing a party.

Pumpkin Penny Pitch

Object of Game: To pitch a penny into a pumpkin.

  • Method #1: Carve out a pumpkin (or two,or three) and line the inside with plastic or aluminum foil.
  • Make the top opening big.
  • Method: #2: Use several small plastic pumpkins(Less messy)

    Playing the Game:
  • Place the pumpkins a couple feet away.
  • Give each player ten to twenty pennies.
  • Every time a penny goes into the pumpkin, a piece of candy is won.

Bobbing for Apples
  • A traditional Halloween kids party games for kids.
  • You'll need a large tub filled with water, and plenty of apples tipped in to bob around on the surface.
  • Each child tries to grab an apple with their mouth from the tub.
  • It's messy, it's wet... so you might need to wrap a towel round their shoulders first, particularly if they're wearing a Halloween costume!
  • You can dish out prizes for success, or just for effort!
  • And if bobbing for the apples is a bit too hard for the smaller ones - why not get a net and let them fish for the apples?

Spider Web Prizes
  • You will need lengths of black yarn and a plastic or toy spider and a small prize for each child.
  • To set up, tie one end of the yarn to a prize and hide the prize, then walk around the room twisting the yarn around furniture.
  • Cut the yarn and attach a spider to the other end within sight in the middle of the room.
  • Repeat with the other prizes.
  • Each child finds a spider and then follows it to a prize.

Candy Hunt
  • Similar to an egg hunt, wrap little packages of candy corn in netting or use other candy and hide them for the children to find.

These Halloween kids party games are fun for any age - Enjoy!

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