Build Your Team With Fun Games

Team building is an important factor to efficient productivity. If the team does not work together, nothing else will. Teams are formed when they share common experiences. Hence, to address this issue you can try the age- old method of breaking ice, team- building games.

Themes activities

Base the team building activities on a particular theme. Some exciting themes are described below:

Problem solving and leadership

Treasure hunts, games such as mine- field, toxic waste can be highly engaging, involving inputs from everyone in the team and help identify the leader among them. Themed games are good way for the team to identify its pros and cons. Each person realizes his good and weak points and when back to work, he or she can improve upon it.

Themed games are real life SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat).

Totally outdoor and physical

Team games such as football, hockey, kayaking, cricket, etc. bring the group together. Another way to build a team is going military style. A day at the military obstacle course is going to unite everybody. Achievement in physical form is the most gratifying and the most self less. Hence, when a team is involved in physical activity, they will form a strong team.

Puzzles and trust building games

Indoor games like jigsaw puzzle and 10-pin bowling, guessing games are great way to get the team going into a communicative mode to come up with answers.

On the other hand, a team is built on trust. Trust is probably the hardest thing to develop. So, games and activities which involve each team member depending on the other to be guided is a great way to develop trust among them.

This will help them to realize that every person needs the other to succeed, both professionally and otherwise.

Cooking classes

Sounds weird, but cooking classes are a great way to team building. The teams are in a common learning experience, like a day back in their school days. This evokes the kid in them and they get all chatty and the ice is broken! This is a great way for people to look differently at food and the making.


Workshops are not exactly team building, but more of self- analysis and self discovery. However, this is essential for each team member. These results must be discussed with others so that the team as a whole now understands what they are capable of and what not.

Teams are formed based on trust and common experiences. That is the very basis of team building activities. They also give a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. The process is also a kind of self- discovery. Such activities are must on every company and firm.

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